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See It, Snap It, Love It – Animals

Animals are just a perfect theme for me.  I have hundreds of photos from the zoo and took a load more on Sunday ready for this and then the memory card snapped and all those pictures are lost *sobs*.  You’ll have to wait a little longer for the picture of the baby giraffe, the lynx kittens and an update on the cheetah cubs, instead I bring you the oriental short clawed otters.  I took these in August and they were squeaking for people to come and pay them some attention…

The otter with the stone is called Flash – he loves his stones.  Very much.  He will choose one and then carry it round, limping with it in one paw for the sympathy, he hugs it, he juggles it, he balances it, he puts it on his friends backs and then gets it back…

So instead of a single picture, here’s a little slideshow – I give you Flash… and his stone.

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See It, Snap It, Love It – Colour

Lucy at Dear Beautiful Boy managed to set us the lovely theme of Colour before delivering a very gorgeous bundle of a baby on Friday – so welcome to the world little one and well done Lucy!  Here’s my colour photo for the week – a colour that I suspect her little one will become rather fond of at some point – and a flower that will hopefully be in bloom on her birthday each year…



See It, Snap It, Love It – Vintage

I wasn’t sure about what I’d ‘do’ for Vintage this week.  There is something very vintage that lives at my house, but I’ve agreed not to post pictures of it so I’ve had to find an alternative.  So here’s the Cheetah Keeper (just after his 1st birthday) in the vintage pedal car his father and grandfather lovingly restored for him.  For a while we had 2 of them in the house – we’re down to just 1 now (the other’s in the loft) and it’s still the most fought over toy amongst visiting friends…



See It, Snap It, Love It – Help

I know the theme for this week was inspired by the collective group of bloggers trying to do their little bit to help Clara over at iwantmymummy.  Clara’s blog has churned my stomach, made me cry and humbled me time after time and so we offered what we could.  The lovely Annie Mammasaurus stopped by yesterday (Sunday) morning and collected what we had – books, toys, a scooter and an easel – all pre-loved but perfectly usable.  Oh, and a cake of course.

So here’s my photo:

The Cheetah Keeper’s sister made Annie some fudge to keep her going on the drive (she’s probably still bouncing off the walls somewhere) and also asked if Beans or Clara needed any of her pocket money to buy things…

Clara has written about the positivity that the group of bloggers has brought her, and used a certain phrase that has stuck with me all evening – so I’ve taken one of my pictures and added that quote:


See It, Snap It, Love It – Everyday

Everyone’s ‘Everyday’ is different.  Ours is a mixture of dashing around, jobs, medicines, appointments, work, school – oh just stuff.   This is part of my everyday – this is where I work.  It’s a really ugly building (when directing people to it, the instructions tend to be, “come out the station and look for the tall, ugly building, we’re in there”) and against a grey sky it’s incredibly bleak.  The doors are really heavy (known affectionately by those who work there as prison doors) and inside it’s a tad institutional in the corridors but against a blue sky, well, it looks quite stunning – I think.


See It, Snap It, Love It – Hidden

There is so much that’s hidden in this beautiful world of ours.  Hidden treasures, hidden beauty, hidden nature…

This photo however is about being hidden in a slightly different way.  Pre-empted by (in a very loud voice) “Mummy, come and look at me, I’m hiding”

Well, almost!