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Saturday Is Caption Day – The Elephant One

These two gorgeous elephants are Donna (on the left) and Scott (on the right).  Nearly a year old now, Scott is a little dude and loves playing with the other elephants (whether they like it or not!).

So Donna is clearly digging for buried treasure whilst Scott is just waiting for your captioning skills!


And now pop over to the lovely Mammasaurus and see what little gems need your attention this week.


Summer Holiday Resolutions

So, school has finished.  I’ve given back all the piano music for the year.  We’re off until the 5th September when being a Swan in Year 3 and a Puffin in Year 1 await (can you learn how to make Puffin cakes Mummy?).  We’ve had our customary sitting room picnic tea and the uniforms are in the wash.

2 years ago our summer was based around Great Ormond Street Hospital – a 2 week inpatient stay and all the preparation involved.  We were also helping to look after Renata from Just Bring The Chocolate‘s lovely Lilia and Elliot whilst Dominic was beginning what was to be a very long stretch in GOSH.  It wasn’t a proper ‘holiday’ – we were in limbo land and as much as we did some fun stuff, the prospect of our time in GOSH loomed.

Last year we hurtled around like mad things, trying to do all the, ahem, normal, stuff you do in a summer holiday plus all the stuff we hadn’t done the year before.

This year, as I’ve enjoyed my reduced ‘sling it and ding it’ curry I’ve made a few resolutions for the holidays…

That’s not too ambitious is it??

I’ll be blogging about our exploits on here (the Cheetahs are very excited about the holidays and the Olympics) and posting more pictures over on my other (new – please pop by!) blog Just Photos By Me.
What are you resolutions for the summer holidays?