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Saturday Is Caption Day – The Signage One

As much as I have an archive of animal photos that would happily keep us in #SatCap entries for years, this week I’m bringing you an oxymoron from our recent trip to Northumberland.  My simple caption for this is “Wrong” – what would yours be?

Now go and find out what else needs captioning over at Mammasaurus Blog this week – no doubt there’ll be some goodies…


You’re Beautiful – Rising in Glory

Firstly, a massive thank you must go to Mammasaurus for hosting You’re Beautiful last week.  As I sat in the car over 300 miles from home after 2 days of the most heartbreaking funeral for a very, very dear friend I was in no fit state to find any beautiful to post about.  Annie – thank you for your generosity & support.

The funeral celebrated the life of a wonderful lady who had, without question or judgement taken me in during my darkest times, to the security of her home, and enveloped me in love through times of hurting, confusion, mental and physical pain. She gave me a place in which I felt safe, where I wasn’t judged, where I could get away from whatever it was I needed/wanted to get away from.

She inspired me and had faith in me – she didn’t let me give up hope, helped me through the murky times and shared my joy – her guidance, compassion and the peace that she (and her husband) gave me make me part of the woman I am now – and she was very good at reminding me that laughing about stuff is a really good thing.

I knew the the funeral would be incredibly emotional, I was amongst those I love very much.  I hadn’t reckoned on the memories, safely compartmentalised from my everyday existence for so long, rushing back to the forefront of my being.  I didn’t sleep and saw some very, very dark hours through the night.

We all wore something pink to the funeral – I hope the tear stains on my pink scarf didn’t show too much.  She was taken from us far too soon – but wasn’t angry – in her own words “just sad”.  She died with those she loved the most at her side and as is said “May she rest in peace and rise in glory”.

Then I had to leave – to drive back to my family – leaving people very important to me at the other end of the country.  Leaving a house in which I had always felt incredibly safe and supported.  Leaving a part of my life behind.  Then as I drove away, this is what I could see

So there I was, standing at the side of the road, taking pictures of the most amazing pink sky, on Valentine’s Day, and this was, heart wrenchingly beautiful.

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This week the theme on The Gallery is ‘Landscapes’ so I’m linking this up there as well – the landscape over the Northumberland fields towards the Cheviot Hills is something that this country should be very proud of – it’s overwhelmingly beautiful.