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Friday Photo – Cake

I had a cake commission today *small fist pump*.  Not just a cake commission, a cake commission with the spec of “12 cupcakes, whatever you want, suitable for children”.  Cool.

So I made vanilla sponge cakes, took the core out and filled it with toffee sauce and then put a swirl of salted toffee buttercream on the top.  If you’d like the recipe, let me know and I’ll post up over on Bake Yummy.  The downside being that the cakes were in the oven by 8am as the children wanted porridge for breakfast and oddly enough needed to get to school.

What do you reckon..?


Friday Photos – Lillies

10 years ago I worked in a garden centre.  It wasn’t my best career choice (understatement).  The plus sides were that we got to eat the cream cakes that hadn’t been sold in the cafe before we went home and we got to take home plants and bulbs that were either sick or hadn’t sold in time.  To that end I have a hydrangea in my front garden going from strength to strength and some lillies in my back garden.  This year the lilly beetles destroyed the yellow and orange ones in a day (the beetles were then destroyed!) but my pink ones have thrived.

The children are now allowed to take the odd picture with my camera (they have their own too) but they also seem to have an ability to change settings I didn’t know existed.  So I ended up taking some very over-exposed pictures of the lillies, swearing at the camera before I’d worked out what was wrong.

So many people are using so many great apps to edit and add effects to photos – I’m a Picassa girl and also use Photoscape and PicMonkey – especially if I need to do something for my #ISpy photos (like make a blue flamingo!).  I’ve had a play with the lilly pictures ready for my Friday Photos this week – what do you think?

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