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Friday Photos – Babbacombe Model Village

I wrote a little about our trip to Babbacombe Model Village for See It Snap It Love It on Tuesday.   One of the signs of a really good model village is that they plant the surroundings almost to scale – so lots and lots of little plants, generally flowering, that don’t overshadow the skill of the model makers.  I admit, I may have spent slightly more time photographing the plants and flowers (perfect height, perfect colours, I couldn’t help myself – honest) than looking at the models but I enjoyed it!

Here’s my gallery of pictures from our trip – click on any image to make it larger.



Raindrops on Bluebells

I’m sorry if I bored you with our Blog It For Babies efforts this week – however, for such a good cause, and with the goddess of Blogging that is Mammasaurus visiting… well, I hope you understand…

Now I’ll bring you back to a bit more bloggy me, with some photos.  I haven’t really enjoyed the rain, the joys of the school run in the deluge that is scheduled now (as it was, and ever shall be) for 3.15 (adjust as appropriate for your school), the feeling that essentially my joints are just going rusty and the water thrashing at the office window don’t fill me with the joys of spring.  The children have been, post birthday, like caged, over-tired animals with ridiculously short fuses and the inability to be entertained by anything.

So, what did I do?  Sneak out in the garden with my camera.  Mature, responsible parenting?  Possibly not.  Sanity saving – hell yeah.  And some (I think) pretty good pictures.  What do you reckon?

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I wrote about making pizza with our gorgeous next door neighbours last week.  As well as being some of the nicest people you could ever, in your wildest dreams, hope to live next door to, the also have a kitchen that causes me to have bad attacks of kitchen envy.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my little kitchen, my blue glass tiles and the fact that I helped build and paint it – but 10 years on, it’s showing the signs that I did help to build it and the bits that were a little bit wonky are now struggling under the weight of my newer, heavier pots and pans.

Anyway, back to the kitchen envy.  Just sitting there in a very plain white jug on her windowsill were these lovely anemones.   Picnik may have gone but Picassa has adopted many of the features so with a bit of technological jiggery pokery (although not that much), I bring you these:

I love how anemones have such beautifully defined petals but look so solid at the same time

and despite the fact you look at them as a solid colour, in the middle there’s a little blast of colour just waiting to be spotted

and that the stems may look a bit straggly but actually they’re just doing their own thing, getting ready to bring some more beautiful blooms to us.

Kitchen envy – yes, flowers in kitchen looking amazing envy – yes.  Envy is not a good thing – maybe I should go and buy some new flowers for my windowsill.  What do you think?