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Tesco Real Food – Cooking With Kids


This weekend the Cheetah Keeper and I were treated by Tesco to the most fantastic cooking experience at the amazing Maggie & Rose Family Club in Kensington.  As you’ll have seen on the blog, I get my children involved with a fair amount of the cooking in our house (the Cheetah Keeper’s sister knew the recipe for a 3 egg sponge by the age of 2 and a half!) and I’m always on the lookout for more child-friendly recipes.

The theme over on Tesco Real Food is cooking with kids and they’d really like you (yes you, over there, really!) to upload your recipes that you enjoy cooking with your children up onto their website.  At the moment they’re running an amazing draw with the chance to win our grand prize of a family cooking weekend at Augill Castle  and to star in one of the Real Food videos along with a top chef – just for uploading a recipe.  Sounds good to me!

So, the Cheetah Keeper and I spent the most lovely lunchtime making Feta & Spinach Filo pies and Beetroot & Chocolate Muffins.  As you may have read on the blog, the Cheetah Keeper has suffered with reflux and as a result has some very real issues with food.  We also try and keep his diet as rich in iron as he will tolerate to help keep his blood “funky”.  Getting spinach into anything is always a good start as he really struggles to swallow red meat – so spinach & cheese that you get to mash together – brilliant!

Everything was perfectly managed and laid out for the children – funky utensils, easy measuring and an air of excitement about what they were using was liberally sprinkled over the entire day – with a bit of sparkle even a pinch of nutmeg can be pretty exciting.  The team were discretely brilliant – in the right place at exactly the right time with encouragement and praise helping our ‘little chefs’ create their lunch on their own.  There is so much that children can do in the kitchen – and by getting them involved they are so much more likely to eat their creations!

Once the pies were in the oven, we set about making the beetroot and chocolate muffins.  As you know, I’m more of a bulk baking cake girl, so making just one muffin without my beloved hand-mixer was a reminder that you can just make a small quantity, by hand…(and still sneak some extra veg in!)

Mess is good!

Whilst everything was in the oven, I had a lovely time catching up with the other bloggers whilst the children got to be creative and make their own hats…

And by the time the hats were finished, the room had been transformed into our beautiful banquet!

What a setting!

The lovely Heidi was always on hand to help

Spinach & Feta Filo Pie – YUMMY!

Many, many thanks must go to the team at Maggie & Rose and Tesco for hosting such a lovely day.  Special thanks also go to their nutritionist Laura who was on hand to answer questions through the day.  To have what I’m doing to try and keep the Cheetah Keeper’s diet balanced, iron rich and healthy validated was just brilliant – and I came away doubting myself less.

The Cheetah Keeper has continued to enthuse about his day cooking (“proper cooking mummy”) – so if you fancy finding a child friendly recipe do have a look on the Tesco site

Mini Chefs and Mummy Bloggers

Disclosure: Tesco Real Food have reimbursed me for my travel expenses – these are my views of the day and you should always check the Tesco site for full information, terms & conditions of their competitions and use of the uploaded recipes

2 thoughts on “Tesco Real Food – Cooking With Kids

  1. Ah, how lovely to read about the day again and see those lovely photos laid out. It was lovely to meet you both and hope to do so again soon. It was a fab event put on by Tesco for a fab competition. Would be nice to see you win it! X

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