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Tesco – Mother’s Day Craft Challenge!

As you may have noticed, I’m not one for turning down a challenge.  When an email popped into my inbox from the Tesco Magazine team asking us to take part in their Mother’s Day Craft Challenge not only did I think “oh, ok then” but “we can add so much to that idea!”.

They’ve created this video about making presentation boxes out of cylindrical containers (cocoa tins are ideal) and lidded boxes (should you still be polishing off that last box of chocolates ready for the next lot to arrive on Sunday!) – using wrapping paper and a few finishing touches.  It’s cheap, it’s recycling (or is it ‘up-cycling’?) and it’s made with love, which for Mother’s Day, has to be the most important thing.

So, we found our cocoa tin (admittedly had to empty it into a box, but I’m baking this week so that’s not a problem) and the box that a Tesco Finest Christmas Pudding was lurking in at the back of the cupboard (which we then had to eat, oh dear, what a shame!!).

We watched the video together, got out an assortment (and believe me, we have quite an assortment) of craft bits and set to.  I essentially left the Cheetah Keeper’s sister to it.  She took to gluing the tissue paper on well but then went off at a tangent – cutting up cards and adding a gift tag to finish the look.  The concentration that it took (it’s not so easy when you find fiddly stuff trickier than the average nearly 7 year old) was immense and she was incredibly proud of the outcome.

I covered the box in the Cheetah Keeper’s choice of wrapping paper.  He was having none of the girly stuff I proposed and we went for the star option.  My top tip here would be to go for a bit of wrapping paper that has some quality to it – ours was a bit thin and easy to tear.   We then spent a joyful hour (at least) decorating it.  We used a pack of “jewels” (these are available in the Tesco craft section – we have loads of their stuff) – with me adding glue dots on the back so he could stick them on the edges.  We talked about shapes, colours and patterns – and then decided what colour tissue paper we should line the box with – he chose pale blue.

All was going well until I broached the idea of what could go in the box.  Sorry, no Mother’s Day gifts in there for me – his (imaginary) Cheetah friends have moved in, created a swimming pool at the bottom and are thoroughly enjoying the cosiness that a lidded box lined with tissue paper offers.  In reality, the box would hold four cupcakes quite nicely (click here for some recipe ideas) and would make a lovely gift.

We added a few more bits to it this morning – mainly feathers (the Cheetahs wanted to be tickled) – and the Cheetah Keeper’s sister added a funky foam heart to the lid of her box.  She lined hers with pink tissue paper and added some glittery sprinkles – I did draw the line at just pouring glitter in there!

We enjoyed some real quality family time together doing this – it was cheap, it was (for us) easy and it got the kids focussing on some fine motor skill work which is brilliant for them when they don’t realise they’re doing it.  Our Occupational Therapist will be proud and we really enjoyed doing it – especially the children feeling that we had (in our own little way) taken it a step further than what they’d seen on the video.  Go and have a go!


2 thoughts on “Tesco – Mother’s Day Craft Challenge!

  1. Lovely! You wouldn’t even need a gift inside as the wrapping is so beautiful!

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