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Keeping Your Ears on the Ball

With a week to go until the opening ceremony of the Paralympic Games and a new wave of excitement beginning to rise across the country we were fortunate enough to spend Monday afternoon having a go at Blind Football.  I say ‘we’ – mainly the children but I did get a bit involved too and proved, once again, my football skills aren’t up to much even when I can see.

Dressing room briefing

Under the watchful eye of Gary Knight the ParalympicsGB Football Coach the Cheetah Keeper and his sister got to find out what it’s like playing football when you can’t see.  Our regular visits to Great Ormond Street Hospital mean that the children are not at all phased by seeing people with disabilities, illnesses and/or disfigurements but they’re equally aware that their bodies don’t always do what they want them to do – hence the opportunity to have a go at a Paralympic Sport was even more attractive.

Blindfolded (ok, the Cheetah Keeper kept lifting his up…) and having to rely on their hearing, the children were put through their paces learning about orientating themselves in the room, managing the ball and finishing up with a penalty shoot-out to win a shirt signed by Paralympic GB Ambassador David Beckham.

The Team!

There’s something rather special about being given the opportunity to try something that the rest of your class haven’t done – when it’s something as high profile as a Paralympic Sport with a GB coach it becomes “massively brilliant”.   Many thanks have to go to Mumsnet and Sainsburys for organising such a wonderful event.

Gaining a depth of understanding about what it takes to become a Paralympian and the skills involved, even when you’re only  5 and 7 is, in my opinion, totally what the “Inspire a Generation” strapline associated to the Olympics and Paralympics is all about.  For my two, understanding that you can be that amazing in sport, no matter what your body can or can’t do is so important – and that’s the message we’re getting every time we go into Sainsburys.  Here’s to the Extraordinary – and long may the inspiration continue.



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