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Cravendale Epic Straws

“They’re epic and they’re straws and they’re great for drinking milk” *sing to tune of your choice*

We’re milk drinkers in this house – we get through gallons of the stuff every week.  With a family history of osteoporosis I religiously down a mug every night before bed and the children do the same.  With the Cheetah Keeper’s new found appetite I’ve significantly increased the milk in his diet and adding an extra glass or two in during the day is helping him get through the day without eating the curtains…

We’ve been lucky enough to receive a couple of packs of Cravendale’s Epic Straws to try.  Our mission, to create the most epic of epic straws.  Each pack comes with a set of instructions to create an awesome straw – but we took on the challenge to build our own – mainly because I’m married to an engineer who kind of thinks instructions are for wimps!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had a great time together building these creations – did I say they were epic??  “Epic” has become our word of the week and if you want to have a go, you can by collecting 10 codes from the 2l bottles of Cravendale Milk.



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