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BigJigs Sam’s Steel Works

When I see a tweet from @MerrilyMe (she writes the lovely Patch of Puddles blog) asking for toy testers my eyes always light up.  When she tweets this out just before her delightful new little man is due I bow down in awe.

When a parcel from Play Merrily toys arrives, the children start breaking into every locked drawer to try and find scissors to open it (and yes, they’ve now sussed the child locks…) – and once again we weren’t disappointed.

We are very much a train set family – we have crates of the stuff, some Brio, some Tesco and some BigJigs.  The BigJigs stuff tends to be the favourite – mainly because it’s such excellent value you can have some really big pieces without breaking the bank.

The Cheetah Keeper’s response to it all was “this is brilliant, we can play trains really properly now” – and he has.  Despite his desire to set up a 3 way race track around the house (there’s only so much this mummy can do!) we’ve set up just a basic loop of track with the steam works in the middle and he’s played and played with it.  He’s shown it off to visitors – we’ve linked in the magnetic crane to pick up the goods from the carriages of the train.

Just so you know, the Cheetah Keeper is 4 (AND A HALF!) – he’s pretty dextrous and loves his trains.  This set has a brilliant device which tips the coal out the train into the hopper – and that’s just his level of delight at the moment – you can turn the signs around, adjust the poles and devices and generally get it exactly how you want it to be.  The BigJigs Cereal Train Set is the perfect companion to any train set – it’s twists of originality and interchangeable parts make it great fun.

So, we’ve reviewed these two products that Merry kindly sent us.  We loved them and they will get played with for a long time – we’re definitely BigJigs fans and would thoroughly recommend these, or any other parts of the range as perfect for any little train set lover.


Thank you for your comments! The Cheetahs and I really appreciate them.

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