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See It, Snap It, Love It – Everyday

Everyone’s ‘Everyday’ is different.  Ours is a mixture of dashing around, jobs, medicines, appointments, work, school – oh just stuff.   This is part of my everyday – this is where I work.  It’s a really ugly building (when directing people to it, the instructions tend to be, “come out the station and look for the tall, ugly building, we’re in there”) and against a grey sky it’s incredibly bleak.  The doors are really heavy (known affectionately by those who work there as prison doors) and inside it’s a tad institutional in the corridors but against a blue sky, well, it looks quite stunning – I think.


See It, Snap It, Love It – Morning

I am not a morning person.  To be fair, I’m not much of a night owl either.  More a cup of earl grey with a biscuit around 10.30am kinda girl.  So ‘Morning’ was quite a challenge for me because, believe me, morning is not really a photogenic time in this house.  However, this morning, for some odd reason was different.  After a very late one working (yes, proper working) due to the joys of school holidays and self-employment the Cheetah Keeper was up bright and breezy at ooh, about 6.20 which is usually a completely unacceptable time for me.  We’re having a ‘do something less boring instead’ week for the children and trying to get them not to watch the TV or use the computer – so he was up and ready for action.

As I stumbled out of bed and headed for the bathroom, I looked out the window and saw my ‘Morning’ Shots right there:

What a morning for it…

This was our morning – the bird in the tree singing as loud as it could, the odd gull darting around and the balloon in the distance

The sky changed colour as the sun rose into the sky

The balloon rose higher and higher into the sky over the fields – what a trip it must have been!