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You’re Beautiful

What have you seen that’s beautiful today?  Was it a glorious sunrise, a pan of your favourite food cooking, something your child has done, a miracle of nature or just something that other people wouldn’t have stopped to notice but made you think ‘wow’?

Based on the inspiration from this tweet from the Black Dog Tribe on the 3rd January (allegedly the most miserable day of the year) @FollowBDT

All we can do is take one day and one step at a time. We’d love to hear what positive things you are doing today?

I wrote this post and you lovely people said a linky would be a good idea – so please, grab my badge and link up with your pictures or post about what you’ve seen that’s beautiful.  You can then enjoy what other people have found and look for a little beautiful positive in every day x

Here’s the code

<div align=”center”><a href=”http://;

title=”Beautiful” target=”_blank”>

<img src=”;

alt=”Beautiful” style=”border:none;” /></a></div>

When you’ve linked up tell us on Twitter that you’ve done it using #yourebeautiful

You’re Beautiful so far:


17 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful

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  5. I love this!!! I’m in a hotel, with a very slow internet connection against me but I’m looking forward to taking part! How much nicer will my days be, now that I am always going to be looking for beautiful things! Thank you!

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