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G’Day…Saturday Is Caption Day


The Australian Ladies Wheelchair Basketball team made it to the finals of the Paralympics.  I’d seen them play in the qualifiers and was back at the North Greenwich Arena (that’s the O2 or the Dome to you and me) for the medal matches.  They’d bought some supporters with them… what’s your caption?


Oh – they got the silver!

Now go and find out what else needs captioning over with Mammasaurus – I wonder if there’ll be anyone riding a stag this week??


Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

14 thoughts on “G’Day…Saturday Is Caption Day

  1. I’m just hanging out.

  2. The Olympic Ballot system seemed to have a few problems

  3. OOh dear it appears Boris got eaten .. ad now Mr Kanga was Mayor

  4. “Dude!! You really gotta lay off the xxxx”

  5. Go get me a Wendel teddy and make it snappy !

  6. Has anyone seen Captain Hook?

  7. What a load of croc!

  8. Did someone say Steve Irwin?! SCARPER!

  9. Those aren’t crocs

  10. The croc was disqualified for a false start

  11. what do you mean they are too big for me?

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