Cheetahs In My Shoes

living with the imaginary menagerie and all that it entails

30 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. So delicate and gorgeous! 🙂 x

  2. nature really is amazing, that is beautiful.

  3. Ooooooi love an orchid I do, beautiful x

    • I have quite a collection – all bought when they’re reduced in Sainsburys. My DH NEVER buys me flowers so I buy myself orchids as they last longer!

  4. Fantastic photo….so peaceful and beautiful 🙂

  5. Beautiful picture, so pretty..

  6. That really is so beautiful up close. I was given one a while ago, been struggling to look after it!

    • Mine thrive on complete neglect. A bit of water here and then and not direct sunlight. We dry our washing in the same room as them during the winter and they only need watering maybe once a month because of the humidity. In the summer they get more x

  7. very very pretty the detail is totes amazing!

  8. beautiful – love orchids (although mine always die and despite cutting them down, they never grow back!)

    • You need to cut them back to just above the 2nd growth mark on the stem that’s just flowered – as soon as possible after the flowers have finished. And then hope x

  9. Beautiful shot

  10. Wow – stunning shot. It looks so pure.

  11. Wow – beautiful beautiful flower.

  12. Absolutely beautiful.

Thank you for your comments! The Cheetahs and I really appreciate them.

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