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I want to blog, really I do.  I want to write jolly little pieces about imaginary friends (believe me, they’re on form) and pieces about how bloody inspirational the Paralympics were.  I want to write rants about the inability of the education system to realise that support for children who require needs to be ready from Day 1 of term and the annoyances of the NHS.

It’s all whizzing around my head but comes out a bit garbled.  Maybe it’s the chest infection (antibiotics, please just do your stuff), maybe it’s being so very very tired, maybe it’s being at a point where I need to clear my head and refocus (or at least thinking I am).   It’s just STUFF.  Some of it really shouldn’t be written down, it’s not right, appropriate and some of it’s just plain rude.

Hopefully normal service will return soon, I’m relying on this – it’ll be fine…

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

7 thoughts on “Really..?

  1. I sympathise. I don’t have the chest infection but I do have the jumbled up thoughts….!

  2. 😦
    Sorry you’re having a hard time already. I hope that bag has some chocolate in it. And Floradix – Lisa would say Floradix 🙂

    • I’m kind of hoping the bag has magical properties – it makes people smile if nothing else. Problems at the beginning of term are to be expected, they’re just harder to deal with when you’ve had the summer holiday lull… x

  3. Maybe you could try writing things as you think of them, then trying to sort through them later and -hope- they end up forming a post? That’s what I do most of the time. If you use the WordPress app for Android, you can save drafts to your phone or upload them as you wish, so you don’t need to be connected to wi-fi constantly.

    Hope the antibiotics kick in soon!

    • Thanks Lauren. I’ve found that if I write as I think the words/thoughts are less than considered and may get me into all sorts of trouble (although no doubt would make good reading!) I really shouldn’t publish some of what I’d like to because it’s not conducive to receiving good long term care and support or indeed having a functional family. Hopefully I’ll get back to planning my posts in my head on the drive to/from work and typing them up in the evening x

  4. Didn’t realise that you have been ill. Any better today?

    Sometimes it is better to let things settle before you blog, and sometimes a better idea comes along anyway x.

    • It was ‘just’ a lurking chest infection on one side – possibly something to do with not taking things easy when it set in and went to the Paralympics instead. The blogging vibes are beginning to come back that aren’t libellous!

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