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See It, Snap It, Love It – Vintage


I wasn’t sure about what I’d ‘do’ for Vintage this week.  There is something very vintage that lives at my house, but I’ve agreed not to post pictures of it so I’ve had to find an alternative.  So here’s the Cheetah Keeper (just after his 1st birthday) in the vintage pedal car his father and grandfather lovingly restored for him.  For a while we had 2 of them in the house – we’re down to just 1 now (the other’s in the loft) and it’s still the most fought over toy amongst visiting friends…


Author: Jenny

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17 thoughts on “See It, Snap It, Love It – Vintage

  1. Ahh, I just love it. Gorgeous car, gorgeous boy x.

  2. What an awesome photo! Gorgeous xxx

  3. The car is awesome. What cool toy. And definitely a very fitting photo for vintage. X

  4. What a sweetheart and that car is just awesome!

    • that picture was taken when he was still quite poorly and didn’t really move – he loved being in the cars – until his sister prodded him, obviously.

    • glad you like it! I will just add that a blow to the ankles from a car like that is quite painful! It’s not all vintage glamour!

  5. Oh now I have little boy and vintage envy! Just gorgeous x

  6. Wow. Just gorgeous. The car is fab and the Cheetah Keeper is beyond cute

  7. Haa! He’s too cute! Where can I get a car like that for myself?!

  8. Wow! I wouldn’t fit and even I want a go on it.

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