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15 thoughts on “Silent Sunday

  1. great shot! I so want to get to london for somesight seeing

  2. Like a ‘crown’ing glory!

  3. That’s a great shot! I haven’t been to see the Olympic park at all but it looks amazing!

  4. oh I see!! Just commented on your other blog! Didn’t realise you were the same person! Anyway amazing photo such a great shot of the olympic stadium so sad it’s all ending 😦

    • yes – same person – but I have the photo blog to deal with the fact I take so many pictures! Am really sad it’s ending – I’ve found it an inspiring and deeply emotional event – despite not wanting to get tickets in the first place and wondering what the fuss was all about!

  5. Great shot! What were you there to see??

    • We saw the GoalBall and 7-a-side football. We also saw Ellie Simmons break her WR in qualifying on the big screen and Barney Storey and team out to talk to the public in Park Live. Just amazing.

  6. It really has become iconic, a symbol of the summer x.

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