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I Spy with my Little Eye, Something beginning B


I stumped you last week! *cackles* (oh, it was a close-up of an Allium seed head – essentially an oversized onion flower) I’ve promised several people (you know who you are) that I will make this week easier – much easier.  So you can interpret this ‘B’ in at least 2 ways – and if you can’t get either of those I’m not playing any more!


Now boogie over to the lovely jbmumofone to see who else is spying something beginning with B.

Mum of One

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

15 thoughts on “I Spy with my Little Eye, Something beginning B

  1. Was going to say bug
    It’s not blossom is it

  2. Hmmm.. well, I’m going to say bug, but hubby would say “we can’t say that! It’s an insect!” ;-D

  3. What an AMAZING shot…I am going with bug as I don’t know any proper insect or flower species-type names 🙂 which may be why you always out-fox me!

  4. Totally without cheating and reading the other comments…beetle?!!? Is the flower a mallow? Fantastic shot by the way 🙂

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