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The Gallery – The Everyday


There’s not much that repeats itself everyday in our house – ignoring the getting up in the morning and going to school thing and I’m not posting a picture of me, first thing in the morning in my pj’s.  Sorry.

Something that is everyday for us, but isn’t for an awful lot of people is our medication regime.  My kitchen cupboard looks remarkably similar to a pharmacy at times – everyday meds, emergency meds, syringes, dosing spoons etc.  Compared to others I know we have remarkably few – in that my kitchen cupboard also contains other stuff like glasses, and bowls and plastic boxes – I guess like ‘normal’ kitchens do.

We have more syringes than teaspoons – and as much as things have improved greatly from the times when the Cheetah Keeper was on 13 syringes of meds a day, this is still our everyday bedtime.

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

11 thoughts on “The Gallery – The Everyday

  1. That must be one of those things that you get used to when you have lived with it for so long, but it must be hard. My life seems a lot easier in comparison x

    • oh I don’t know. I do catch myself sometimes when a recipe calls for 10mls of milk or water reaching for a syringe rather than a measuring jug…

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  3. Simple picture, tells the story. The power of photography x.

    No ‘You’re Beautiful’ this week?

  4. Wow. Puts my routine into perspective – I guess this is something you are so used to now!

  5. I was just about to type pretty much what Older Mum did. I should stop whinging so much xx

    • You know what though Steph, none of us have it ‘easy’ – there’s no book to refer to and no dry runs – our everyday is just different to what the ‘norm’ is perceived as. We all need a whinge – otherwise we’d go mad xxxx

  6. Must be very hard. I remember when my daughter had severe reflux, all the medication she was on. for me that was a temporary thing though. Must be tough x

    • It’s part of our routine – and as I said, compared to others we know, this is a tiny amount. I find it harder when people go in the cupboard to get a glass out (oh just help yourself, they’re in there…) and then don’t hide their surprise at the amount of drugs we have stashed away…

Thank you for your comments! The Cheetahs and I really appreciate them.

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