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See It, Snap It, Love It – Candid


OK, I admit it, I googled ‘candid’ (or ‘gooooooooooooooooogled’ as it’s known in this house).   I needed to find an unposed picture when the person pictured wasn’t really aware I was taking the photos.  I knew what it meant really but didn’t want to make a fool of myself!

It’s be bit tricky for the children not be aware that I have the camera – it’s with me more and more.   However, they’re relatively easy to take unposed photos of because of just that fact – they’re so used to be snapping away and want to be off doing their own thing.

This weekend we went out to ‘do some nature’ as part of the Cheetah Keeper’s Sister’s “Out and About” Brownie badge.  She’d missed the walk when the rest of the Brownies did it having had a particularly long, boring and painful afternoon at the hospital.  It broke my heart when she said she didn’t want to come to Brownies because she was too tired and just wanted to go to sleep.  It’s not a decision that you would want any 7 year old to have to make.  Anyway, the distinct advantage of your mum being Tawny Owl was that I’d planned the whole thing and we could go on the walk anytime we wanted.  So, we donned our ‘appropriate clothing’, grabbed the cameras, her carefully annotated Goooooooooooooogle map and set out.

The Ver Valley walk is lovely – especially in the sunshine and we had a fabulous time ‘doing nature’.  We ended up on a playing field on the way home – some of which is being left to grow as pollinator meadow with grasses now taller than the children.  The Red Kite was up circling and as I am still on a mission to get a decent photo of it (now ‘them’ – how exciting!) the Cheetah Keeper (and the Cheetahs for that matter) were off exploring.  And then he just decided to do this, because he could (and didn’t realise I could change the camera settings that fast!).

Author: Jenny

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10 thoughts on “See It, Snap It, Love It – Candid

  1. Lovely! D’you know what? I spend all my time trying to stop hubs from making the kids pose for the camera. All he gets is stupid grins and goofy postures. Much better to just snap away when they’re having fun and get gems like this one

    • I think I took about 200 pictures that afternoon – of which there are a few gems and many many for the delete button – but having them so used to it now lets me get pictures of them being them – albeit in this case a bit bonkers with it!

  2. Ah lovely one, Worth taking the camera and all the other photos for one like this. Thanks for linking to link to Country Kids too.

  3. Ace photo – and I love this kind of photo much more than a posed for one 😀

  4. Such a gorgeous photo. And I’m like you, taking pictures so often that the little guy mostly completely ignores me and is secretly thinking “I wish she’d out that damn camera away.” And it’s so much nicer if they do ignore it because you get great photos like this one. X

    • Thanks Lucy – I think I took about 300 that day (thinking of our conversation at BritMums!) – it’s also good now they’re a bit older as they’ll go off for a little explore whilst I’m taking other pictures – which then produce brilliant unposed shots in return 🙂 x

  5. Fantastic photo!!!! I googled candid too! ;o)

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