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Windows on Wildlife – Frog


Yesterday we ended up being in a dear friend’s garden after the inadequacies of the NHS meant that I was late for school pick-up.  Desperate for some outside time we threw the kids in the garden and, as I had my camera in my handbag I took advantage of another urban garden to photograph.

They have a tiny pond in their garden – just enough to encourage a bit more wildlife in – and to house the perfect winter breakfast for a heron!  There are no fish now so a frog has moved in – and was enjoying catching a few rays. As a child I spentt (so I remember, it may be with a bit of rose tinted vision) many happy hours terrorising observing frogs in our garden at home.  Not in an evil way – but wanting to catch them, see what they did, have a closer look – work out where they lived and stuff like that.  There was a degree of of bravado about who could catch and hold the biggest frog – to this day I have no problem handling small frogs… but big ones… eeeeek!

This one is a bit of a monster – but looked remarkably chilled catching a few rays whilst 4 children and a camera lens were looking in his direction.  Sittinng on the green weed he didn’t really win any prizes for camouflage…


Windows on Wildlife

Author: Jenny

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6 thoughts on “Windows on Wildlife – Frog

  1. Love this guy – he does look pretty chill!

  2. love those frogs!! they’re so CUTE!! 🙂

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  4. It is so cute, thanks for sharing

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