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See It, Snap It, Love It – Peace and Quiet


Peace & Quiet has been a hard theme for me – I relish it and hate it in about equal measure.  Peace (I think) is very different to Quiet.  Peace is something that you can be at (with yourself, with others, in a place) whereas Quiet is very much indicating that things are not noisy, bustling and, on occasion, normal (whatever that is…!).  Quiet children often indicate mischief is in progress – for those of you who haven’t experienced this, believe me, it’s rarely a good sign during waking hours…

My photo for this week is a bit of everyday life.  I’ve struggled to find a picture that epitomises the theme because although you can create an image that says this is all quiet and peaceful, in my heart I’ll know what’s going on behind it.  A sleeping animal at the zoo usually has a whole load of people pointing at it saying, very loudly “oh, it’s asleep”.  So I took my camera to work.  My office was quiet yesterday (ie just me in it) and I don’t like it like that – however, I do get to look out over London from our 12th floor ‘suite’ (ha!) as the kettle boils…

This is Sainsbury’s carpark in Edgware.

Quiet due to lack of shoppers and cars, peaceful in the early morning sun as the light falls on the trees.


Author: Jenny

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6 thoughts on “See It, Snap It, Love It – Peace and Quiet

  1. It was a tricker theme than I first thought this week. I felt like a very mean mummy creeping in to take a photo of my sleeping baby. And I was terrified I’d wake him.
    But your image is definitely peaceful and quiet to me. A bit like the calm before a storm, I can imagine that carpark filling up and being full of the absolute opposite of peace and quiet.
    Thanks for linking up again. X

    • it turns into the carpark from hell most days! all rules of the road are abandoned and it turns into one sea of hooting, shouting and general mayhem. Good entertainment – from the 12th floor!

  2. If you see my latest Facebook picture post (also on my 366 blog later today), you’ll see why I totally agree that quiet children equal mischief!! I love peace and quiet too x

  3. I bet an empty car park in London is a rare site!

  4. I can’t believe I just wrote site instead of sight! I feel sorry for the reception class that I used to teach! ;o)

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