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Once Upon A Time…


…there was an Elf.  This Elf was a good little Elf who liked seeing people have a good time and liked to keep an eye out to make sure they were looking after themselves too.  The Elf wasn’t overly keen on people being overtly silly (or, as the Elf put it, stupid) or doing dangerous stuff but within reason, as long as they looked after themselves and those around them, the Elf was, well, pretty chilled.

The Elf was also really good friends with a Fairy whose speciality was Common Sense.  This Fairy used to spend her days sprinkling liberal doses of common sense over all newborn babies and adding extra layers of it as people grew up and faced new challenges.  They were a good team.

However [cues dramatic music] there was a Baddie in the land who’d missed out on his dose of common sense when they were born and didn’t really like the way the Elf thought.  This Baddie [booo hisssss] relished the opportunity to spoil people’s fun and was quick to bring doom and gloom to any situation.  He was very sneaky though – and liked to pretend that his interventions were in their best interests, and often passed himself off as the Elf – making sure that everyone was looking after themselves and keeping safe and healthy.

As time went on the Baddie got better and better at disguising himself as the Elf and began to take over the minds of those who had originally received a large dose of common sense.  He started whispering ideas into their ears (hard to reach with the common sense dust) and helping them come up with some truly ridiculous rules that had those still blessed with common sense throwing their hands up in despair.

They could see that the original work of the Elf and the Common Sense Fairy was sound but they were powerless to change the ways of the Baddie.

Or were they…?

To those that banned our 5 year old friend from having a single lit candle on her birthday cake on a council site, perhaps you could tune yourselves back in to the work of the good Elf and the Common Sense Fairy rather than leaping on the bandwagon of the Baddie who clearly believes we are so much of a danger to ourselves we shouldn’t be allowed to do anything…

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time…

  1. Don’t tell me… ‘elf an’ safety…

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