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You’re Beautiful – Looking Up


I wrote a bit a the weekend about how my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, having been behaving itself quite nicely for a while thank you, had decided to go into flare and that I had woken up bendy last week – partial dislocations, the shakes, wobbles and other fun stuff.

In January next year it will be 20 years since I had my first kneecap surgically removed – and 19 years after the 2nd one coming out.  Before you ask, I don’t have replacements – just some clever re-sewing and some big scars.  With this surgery I lost a huge amount of the nerves in my knees – the ones that send your head the messages about where your legs and feet are in relation to the rest of the world.  Mix this with the lack of coordination that Ehlers Danlos brings and you will probably understand why I spend a huge amount of time looking at my feet.  The messages don’t come from the nerves – I have to use my eyes…

It’s incredibly easy to spend all your time looking down – missing what’s going on around you.  As part of my search for the beauty around us I’ve made a concerted attempt to stand still and look up – and as I have, I’ve spotted our red kites circling, the geese flying past, blackbirds nestbuilding and the most amazing cloud formations.  I’m becoming a bit of a cloud obsessive – I still need to learn what’s what – but the way the light shines through, bounces off and falls on things is a source of endless fascination – much to the disdain of the children at times.

My ‘You’re Beautiful’ this week is photos taken by me looking up.  You will always find things of beauty looking down, but sometimes it’s good for your head, and your heart, to let the rays of the sun offer you some inner warmth.

None of these pictures have been edited – it’s just been me and my camera.

There were some amazing You’re Beautiful’s linked up last week – thank you all.  What could you add this week?  If you need some inspiration try a ‘looking up’ picture – you may just be amazed at what you see.


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title=”Beautiful” target=”_blank”><img src=””alt=”Beautiful&#8221; style=”border:none;” /></a></div>

Come and join us and share some positivity – and, as with all such link-ups, you’ll get out what you put into it!  Please let us know that you’ve linked up using #yourebeautiful.  You can find me @cheetahsinshoes – and I’ll tweet it out too.

Click here  to link up – I look forward to seeing your beautiful things

Author: Jenny

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7 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful – Looking Up

  1. A beautiful post, stunning photos. You do take wonderful cloud pics.

    Years ago, in my first seminar at Med School, the case study was Ehlers-Danlos type II. I don’t remember much about it, other than I met my husband in that seminar!

    Keep looking up x.

  2. Those clouds are amazing my bendy buddy! I love that you take them and don’t edit them x

  3. I like your ‘looking up’ pics – nice blog Jenny

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