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Windows on Wildlife – Snails


I know I’ve written a fair amount about our trip to Devon.  It gave us a much needed break and me the chance to get out there with my camera. I wrote last week in You’re Beautiful about my walk to and from the sea after it had rained.  I’m not built for speed and was busy looking at all the flowers around me and soon realised that part of nature’s rich pattern is that something has to live on the plants.

Windows on Wildlife

Author: Jenny

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7 thoughts on “Windows on Wildlife – Snails

  1. OK, I see what you mean, appreciate the little things and all that. But snails and slugs make me shudder, even before I have to pick them off the veggies and fling them into the neighbour’s drive!

  2. Those are brilliant! Your photos are becoming amazingly good!

  3. I try so hard not to get squeamish about bugs, and have gotten remarkable more at ease around spiders and several other crawlies (but there are still some insects that I just can’t bear). There’s something rather cute about snails… I think I like the fact that their beautiful shells hide most of their squishiness. 🙂 Thanks for joining Windows on Wildlife!!

    • I took my Brownie (Girl Scout) Unit out for a walk last week – and asked each group to try and find something they thought the others wouldn’t. My group (with no prompting) started spotting slugs and snails. I expected them to be all ewwwwwwwwww about them but they loved it – spotting the different shades of orange on the slugs and how big they were (as I muttered enthusiastic words whilst thinking ewwwwwwwww!). The snails were my favourite though and I loved that they started to look for the variations in colour on their shells – it’s all good really 🙂

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