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You’re Beautiful – After The Rain


Firstly, a massive thank you must go to Mammasaurus who hosted You’re Beautiful last week.  Despite her comments about a certain Jubilee thong *ahem* her post was everything that You’re Beautiful is about – if you haven’t read it, go now – it’s here.

We spent last week in Devon – it rained, the winds blew to the predicted 70mph, it rained some more.   Our caravan was full of drying towels and the “oh god what will we do if it rains again tomorrow?” conversation was had (as we opened another bottle of cider to keep out the damp).  But it did stop raining, and the sun did come out and the skies were blue with little white fluffy clouds.

The Cheetah Keeper and his Sister don’t have passports yet – we’ve chosen not to afford them and made the most of holidaying in our beautiful country.  I don’t see it as a ‘staycation’ or ‘holidaying at home’ – we’re off to have an adventure in a part of the world the children have yet to experience – with the added luxury of being able to nip to Tesco’s/Sainsburys/Morrisons as we need to.  We stay on holiday parks in a caravan (albeit one with double glazing and a fair few semi-luxurious touches) and we explore our surroundings.  Admittedly, when the Cheetah Keeper was 16 weeks old this ‘holiday’ left me a crumpled heap sobbing on the beach in Norfolk, but 5 years on, we’ve had a really good time.

When the rain finally stopped one evening and the evening sun started warming our faces I ventured down to the sea with the camera.   The path to the sea was a tad steep (for those of us lacking balance steep slopes aren’t the easiest) so I was travelling very slowly and looking at my feet – which then made me look into the hedgerows.  There I spotted wild strawberries, a beautiful glade, and rain drops clinging to the flowers with the sun glinting on them.  They inspired me this week – rain can be devastating – for those people suffering at the moment I can’t imagine you’ll ever think that rain is beautiful again.  However, at that moment in time, on the way down to (and up from) Fishcombe Cove on the South Devon coast – it made things very beautiful.

So, despite the rain, the stresses of half term and everything that life throws at us, what have you found that’s beautiful (in absolutely any form) this week?  Words, pictures, thoughts, actions, creation?  Something that affects you.  There ends my excessive use of italics for the week!

Click here add your post, use the badge if you’d like and let us know on Twitter too – you can find me @cheetahsinshoes (or click on the link in my sidebar) and use the hashtag #yourebeautiful.

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Author: Jenny

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15 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful – After The Rain

  1. Glad you had a good holiday and great pics too 🙂

  2. Yay! Love your photos, and very happy to join in today.

    Glad you enjoyed your holidays x.

  3. Lovely story and photos! I keep meaning to join in with your meme! Will try and remember.

  4. Beautiful photos, totally agree about holidaying in the UK. Hate the whole staycation idea it sounds like you are making a compromise. As a kid we always holidayed either in North Devon or Scotland. Fab memories of days spent exploring streams and building dams.

    • We spent much time in North Devon – I want to go back there again soon! I’ve found it so frustrating this week that people have jumped to the conclusion that we have had a rubbish holiday because the weather’s been ‘so awful’ – but it wasn’t that grim and it made us explore more – so we had a great time 🙂

  5. Hi – good to hear the old traditions are still a success. I miss the UK when I read stuff like this, we’ll probably try to save money and holiday (camp) near to home this year – but that’ll probably be Belgium for us…so it’s sure to rain just as much!

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  7. What a beautiful selection of photos. The rose is my favourite, it’s my favourite flower and my daughter’s middle name is even rose! Thanks so much for linking up with Closer to Nature 🙂

    • Glad you like them Jayne – I’m definitely up for making this a regular thing! I’ve got lots of other rose pictures on this blog too…

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