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Windows on Wildlife – Seagulls


There’s a new Linky in town – and thanks to a rather brilliant Mammasaurus giving me the heads up I am now moving to another little part of blogging happiness.  Withywindle Nature have identified a gap in the market (as it were) for a chance to showcase our interaction with wildlife – woooohoooooooooo!  (do you get the impression this excites me a little? – in a blogging way, obviously).

We’ve spent the last week in Devon.  Despite what every weather forecast said, there was some blue sky and with it came sunshine.  Our holiday park was 200yards from the shore and hence there were seagulls in abundance – mainly happier eating stuff out the bins than diving for their own fish – and they were cocky too – coming to stand at an open door and squawking in a somewhat pathetic manner hoping for a morsel of something.

It’s also seagull breeding season – and there was much preening, squawking and general showing off (as well as some nest building) – here’s daddy seagull keeping an eye on things:

Windows on Wildlife

Author: Jenny

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6 thoughts on “Windows on Wildlife – Seagulls

  1. Hi Jenny! Thanks for joining Windows on Wildlife – I’m loving the seagull pics! I’m really enjoying your blog, and meeting you all. I’ll have to join in on “You’re beautiful” – what a great theme for posts! I’ll share your WoW post in next week’s edition. Nice to meet you!

    • You’re very welcome – it’s my idea of a blogging heaven linky! I have plenty more shots ready next week (and the week after, and the week after that…) – and I’d love you to join You’re Beautiful x

  2. I am visiting via Cynthia’s meme…I love the gulls..although I am terrible when trying to identify them…..Michelle

  3. Love the gulls..but can’t identify them at all..I am here via Cynthia’s meme although my blog is all nature…Michelle

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