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See It, Snap It, Love It – Surprise!


Surprises can be good – the ones that make you go “ooh, how lovely” or “what a lovely surprise” are particular favourites of mine.  They can also make you jump and bring words to mind that you  shouldn’t really say in front of the children.

Last Sunday we went to the Babbacombe Model Village – which, you’ll be really surprised by this… honest… is in Babbacombe.  Oh, you’re not surprised?  Babbacombe is on the South Devon coast just outside Paignton before you reach Torquay.  For those of you accustomed to Milkshake on Channel 5 of a morning, this the model village that Milkshake Monkey has visited – and the absolute delight on the faces of my children when they found his little model was brilliant.  It’s also the model village my parents took me to when I was, ooh, about 3.  It’s kept with the times but the puns are just as bad (are bad puns compulsory in model villages?) and if you look closely, you might just spot someone with no clothes on in the window of a model.

Anyway – the village boasts a fire breathing dragon.  That’s quite a big boast – and when we got to the beast it looked like a model dragon with a bunsen burner to me.  And then all of a sudden:

and there was a combined cry of “ooh!!” as everyone jumped followed by “can we watch it again…” from lots of smaller guests who then promptly jumped as it happened however many minutes later it was.

Author: Jenny

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9 thoughts on “See It, Snap It, Love It – Surprise!

  1. What a fabulous picture. With out the explanation that it was taken at a model village it would have been a proper surprise photo, lol!

  2. Love the picture, and the story to go with it. It’s kind of funny how children like being made to jump, and how they keep falling for the same thing. So cute to watch.
    Thanks for linking up again. X

    • You’re very welcome – I’m really enjoying doing it! I’ve got the pictures of expectant children too – just couldn’t photograph them jumping and the dragon at the same time 😉

  3. What a great picture and lovely story to go along with it too! Sounds like you had a lot of fun xxx

  4. That would definitely surprise me!!! ;o) How exciting!!! x

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