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See It, Snap It, Love It – Summer


Summer.  Ah, as I type it’s raining and the sky is looking distinctly like it’s ready to chuck a whole load more rain down on us.  Ho hum.  Even if that blissful 10 days is all we’re going to get, we made the most of it.  I think I’ve posted most of my pictures from our summer fun already, so I’ve delved a little deeper and found a picture that says ‘summer’ to me.  And ‘woohoo’ because these little beauties are in our greenhouse.

(c) 2012

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

13 thoughts on “See It, Snap It, Love It – Summer

  1. Mmm, love that first taste of home-grown. Perfect summer theme x.

  2. Mmmmm, this picture is making me very hungry for some strawberries. Strawberries just SCREAM summer for me, so good call on the photo!
    Thanks for linking up again. X

  3. Loving the strawbs! Now to take on the world with a strawberry cupcake 😉

  4. Hi Jenny, I know you’ve received such awards before, but I’m sending this one on as a token of my appreciation of your work. It is of course entirely up to you as to whether you wish to pass the award on, no pressure … just want to acknowledge you – see your award at

  5. I could just eat a whole punnet of strawberries right now! Great pic!

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