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Saturday Is Caption Day! Boo!


The Cheetah Keeper got a new bookbag for his birthday.  Really, he did.


I shall leave this in your capable hands… but make sure you pop over to Mammasaurus and see what little gems need captioning this week.

Now mooch over to Mammasaurus blog and see what else needs your captioning skills this week

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

14 thoughts on “Saturday Is Caption Day! Boo!

  1. This looks bags of fun mum!

    *See I’m on the BALL this morning!*

  2. Wha a load of ball!

  3. GG has strangely morphed into a footie loving cheetah!

  4. Preparation for euro 2012 was well underway

  5. Der, der, de, de, der, de, de, de, der ENGLAND!!!

  6. There’s nothing in there – It’s empty!

  7. So this is a funny hat then!?

  8. Yeeey, football fan kitted!

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