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You’re Beautiful – Close to Home


The original inspiration for You’re Beautiful (just in case you’re wondering) was a tweet from the Black Dog Tribe and a stone in my garden.  That stone became the first You’re Beautiful and subsequently (with a bit of help – thanks again Annie) the badge.  With the car in the garage this week we’ve been staying close to home – which has made me look harder for the beauty around us – depending on which way you look at it “in our backyard” or “on our manor”!

With the weather as it’s been, it’s not been hard to spot beauty all around us (although the lady in Sainsburys with *ahem* everything falling out of everywhere I admit didn’t make it onto my list – sorry).  So here’s my gallery for this week:

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In February I wrote about the death and funeral of a very dear friend of mine.  You can read (if you so wish) that post here.  This last weekend her daughter-in-law, after many, many set-backs completed the Edinburgh Marathon in her memory.  The little corner into which my memories and sadness have been saved seems to have opened up again – but our instructions before her death were not to be sad.  Well I can’t quite do that, but I will dedicate this post to both of these amazing women, for their determination and love on many many levels.

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title=”Beautiful” target=”_blank”>

<img src=””alt=”Beautiful&#8221; style=”border:none;” /></a></div>

There were some absolutely gorgeous things linked up last week (thank you all so much) so please bring whatever you’ve found ‘wow worthy’ to the linky this week because positivity in whatever shape, size or type, is good for us all

Click here to enter your link and view this Linky Tools list… and when you’re done do tell us about it on Twitter – you can find me @cheetahsinshoes and if you’d like to use #yourebeautiful that would be even more brilliant.

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10 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful – Close to Home

  1. I’m linking my post about GG, because it begins with one of the most beautiful pictures of her that I have, and despite what she thinks of her body, she will always be beautiful.:)

    • It is such a lovely picture of her and Actually Daddy. She’s a beautiful girl and in time (and with some love) I’m sure she’ll come to realise that it’s how beautiful you are inside that matters far more… x

  2. Loving the dandelions especially. I don;t like the buggers in my garden but I do like them in photographs x

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