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The Gallery – Sunshine


I’m not really sure that Tara could have chosen another theme for us this week.  We’ve basked, fried, splashed, sweated perspired and soaked up a good does of vitamin D in glorious sunshine – it’s lifted moods, it’s brought out expanses of flesh that have not seen the light of 2012 and provided the children with a whole new load of opportunities.  Toys that were ‘boring’ last year suddenly have a new lease of life as another year of wisdom, muscle strength and imagination are let loose…

The Magnolia tree next door that provided me with such glorious blooms earlier in the year suffered in the frost.  The rain and now the warmth have meant that the leaves are now providing a beautiful green canopy to lie under…

The darkness of my house seems to make the sun reflect even more brightly off the grass and the dandelion – so large and so small…

The evening sun on Sunday evening was glorious.  The children on the other hand… if anyone knows where the CTRL-ALT-DEL button is for a just 5 year old boy, please let me know…

Once they were in bed pretending to be asleep, I snuck out to photograph what had been calling me all day… determined to do so before the council men on their mowers come round again…

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

19 thoughts on “The Gallery – Sunshine

  1. I do love love love your photos! These are beautiful! I love the angle of the first two where you can just catch the sun through them! Lovely xxx

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  3. Lovely series of images and all so summery.

  4. Absolutely beautiful pictures, I especially love the daisy one. Daisies are just such bright, happy little flowers. X

  5. Wow! Such wonderful photos , I love the dandelion clock one!

  6. Oh I love those! The dandelion one is captivating and the daisy one so pure! Lovely. x

  7. Gorgeous photos! That dandelion photo is amazing, you dont notice how pretty those things are until the sun is out!

  8. I declare you the dandelion queen 🙂 Beautiful.

  9. Arrghhhh, you’re so good at this, you put us all to shame, Fabulous shots, each one stunning

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