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Water Pistol Science


We do love a good ‘speriment’ in this house.  Neither child can say “experiment” particularly well but it’s not about what you say, it’s about what you do.

We’ve been without our car this weekend (long story, long bill…) so we’ve stayed at home.  Dashed were my ideas of spontaneous trips to the seaside, mooching around the zoo or getting a decent amount of food shopping done.  Instead we’ve stayed put – which was probably a good idea because the Cheetah Keeper and his Sister are exhausted.  Despite sunshine and plenty of fresh air, the Cheetah Keeper’s Sister is an interesting shade of ghostly and was asking to go to bed at 5.45pm.  The Cheetah Keeper has been well, erm, testing a few boundaries and then had a nosebleed at 4.45am this morning.  She’s now at school missing one orthotic insole for her that mysteriously disappeared this morning (in the quest to be allowed to wear the sandals that don’t fit) and I could see the clot in his nose just waiting to explode… nice.

Anyway, back to the point.  We used our weekend at home, some buckets of water (warmed nicely by the sun!) and our water pistols to do some experiments – namely how much effort and water you need to push an assortment of balls from stationary down the garden.  It was a really fun way of looking at forces and what difference the level to which the balls were inflated made a difference.

We also made targets with small balls on top of flower pots to work out how far away they could be and still shoot the ball off – with their water pistols obviously.  There aren’t any pictures of this as I was in the firing line!

Here’s our gallery of summery science in the garden:

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4 thoughts on “Water Pistol Science

  1. I love this, sometimes you really don’t need to travel out or spend a fortune to have a fun time with the kids outdoors. I hope they are all feeling better now and the car is sorted! Thanks you for linking your garden fun up to Country Kids.

    • so true – our little garden is 40′ square but we still grow things, do stuff and have a load of fun. I’m sure our neighbours think we’re a bit bonkers! We’ll see what state everyone’s in after school today – they’ve got a sculptor in making a Paddington Bear for the playground out of a tree trunk with a chain saw!

  2. Love this! So will my son…(and we have exactly the same squirters) 🙂

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