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Saturday Is Caption Day! The things we do for blogging one


With the sunshine out, there’s plenty of opportunities for SatCap lurking around every partially undressed corner.  There’s irony, there’s beauty, there’s humour and there’s plain OMG’ness.  The newly placed poster in Londis around the corner advertising, complete with bows, bells and an oh so cutesie gingerbread man, their Christmas wine selection at £5 per bottle with the offer expiring mid December 2011 was clearly a contender.

Instead, I’m going to lay my own stupidity out for your captioning skills.  In the name of blogging and making the most of the beautiful evening sun I left the kids happily playing and headed out into the garden with my camera on the mission to snap the perfect picture of the roses growing up our fence.  I couldn’t quite get the picture I wanted so climbed up onto the raised beds to get a better shot… and promptly fell off.

So here’s my injury – it’s a bit more swollen now but clearly I can’t moan about it because it’s completely self-inflicted.  Hopefully you, dear readers, will appreciate the lengths I was going to – however, I suspect it’ll be a SatCap open season instead…

Go on, do your worst.  Then pop over to Mammasaurus and see what little gems need captioning this week.

Now mooch over to Mammasaurus blog and see what else needs your captioning skills this week

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

3 thoughts on “Saturday Is Caption Day! The things we do for blogging one

  1. Now, where did I put my good leg?

    Ouch, silly you. Hope you’ve learnt your lesson x.

  2. Someone call 999 I need a buff firefighter to carry me up to bed as I can’t do anything with this horriffic injury!

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