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The Gallery – Picture Postcard


I can’t choose.  I can’t find just ‘one’ photo that beats everything else.  Sorry.

I spent ages last night trying to find the perfect picture.  The one I was initially drawn to (that I was so incredibly proud of at the time) looks, well, not nearly as good as I thought it was.  Or maybe 5 months on, I’m taking better pictures….  Anyway, this is called “The Gallery” so I’m going to offer an assortment – all of which I’d be proud to send to someone else – saying that I’d taken them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Author: Jenny

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44 thoughts on “The Gallery – Picture Postcard

  1. Ladybird pic is gorgeous! I found it hard too if I am honest! I cannot see all your photos as it won’t load on my iPad! But you do take a great photo x

  2. I think you’re right. Sometimes I look back and photos don’t seem as good as they seemed at the time. I think it’s because we just get better!! It’s hard to choose isn’t it?

    • I took a picture of some holly in the winter and was delighted with it – now it’s a bit of a “ho hum” sort of picture… I guess it’s nice to see that you’re making progress…

  3. what a collection of great photos – I can’t choose a fave either!

  4. I love the rose best 🙂

  5. I would find it difficult too! You really do take stunning photos and I love seein them

  6. beautiful gallery you have there and not one would be out of place on a card!

  7. Some fab shots in there, it’s fascinating looking back and seeing how your photographs have improved though isn’t it?

  8. Can see exaclty why you had trouble choosing – they’re all fab, but my fave is the on of the snow – so Christmassy and lovely!

  9. Gorgeous pictures. I’d have trouble choosing one from them as my favourite!

  10. A wonderful selection of picture postcard perfect photos (love my alliteration)! My favourite is the shells on the beach, or is it the ladybird on a leaf? Well, I can have two favourites, can’t I?

    Lesley x.

  11. Wow!! I was going to say the Ladybird one then it was like “ooh that one. No, that one. Ooh no, that one!” you’re a very skilled photographer!

  12. Cool♫♪ The one I’d set a stamp on is the Ladybug one.

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  15. At the risk of repetition…they’re all beautiful, but I like the beach shot best. Or maybe the rose?

  16. I had the same problem! I started off with 16 photos, I think… Gorgeous shots, the shells are my favourite. xx

  17. ANd you’re right to be proud. I wouldn’t be able to choose between such lovely pictures either!

  18. Fabulous slideshow & I think we all agree it’s almost impossible to narrow down to one.

  19. They’re all fabulous, but if I had to choose, it would be the beach one. I love a shelly beach 🙂

    • 🙂 there’s something very special (at least I was brought up believing there was) about finding the two halves of a shell on the beach still joined together – this beach was just perfect for that

  20. wow i can’t believe that’s real. what a great photo. B

  21. Whoop Whoop I spy our shells! A happy day – and it’s half term soon…. #Round2

  22. Love your slide show but the Cheetah certainly caught my eye 🙂

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