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I think I’ve fallen in love…


with my camera.  It seems to be spending more time with me than most other things.  I’ve now got 2 cases for it (one large that accommodates purse, keys etc so I don’t have to take another bag out with me) and one compact for protecting it when it’s in my handbag/briefcase.  I think about taking to places I would have never considered taking a camera to before and I have been known to stop the car at the side of the road to take a picture.  I recently deliberately didn’t take my camera to a wedding reception we went to so that I would talk to people, rather than just take pictures.  I hated it – I could see pictures everywhere.

So last weekend we were at the zoo, I’ve posted a few pictures from there already (see Birds of the World and You’re Beautiful) but I’d really like to share these with you as well – and I’m linking them up with I Heart Snapping‘s I Heart My Snap and Country Kids at Coombe Mill – because being outside is fab.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Author: Jenny

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10 thoughts on “I think I’ve fallen in love…

  1. Thanks for linking up with I heart my snap, they are lovely photos and it is great that you are taking your camera everywhere- i literally take mine everywhere, it is great isn’t it? 🙂 x

    • You’re very welcome – I’ve been trying to get a post together for a couple of weeks now. If you can let me know the badge code I’ll pop it on. And yes, camera in the handbag has to be the new ‘cool’

  2. Oh, I do know what you mean about loving your camera. I take loads of pics, just don’t always have time to post them. Love looking at other peoples’ snaps though, and yours are my favourite 😉 x.

    • I’ve just backed up my photos on my laptop and realised that there were pushing 8000 – time for some editing I think – and some sharing. Blogging has shown me I can (apparently) write and how much I love taking pictures – thank you for your lovely comments x

  3. Stunning pictures, loving the big cats.x

    • We’ve known those lions from cubs – and they’re now about 6 years old. Because they have massive windows we can get up incredibly close (these are taken with very little zoom) and I like to think they have their own personalities… x

  4. Oh memories for me, Whipsnade was about 1/2 an hour from me growing up. I remember my parents taking me and my friends there on my 10th birthday. All hanging out of Dad’s Ford Cortina, those were the days, pre back seat seat belts or car seats, if you could pack them in it was good. There must have been 8 of us in the 5 seat car all telling jokes! Lovely to see your photos from there, it looks every bit as lovely as I remember. Thank you for linking up and sharing on Country Kids

    • Half an hour in which direction? We went as children – when the snow was soooooo deep that it came up to you waist (at least) and there was still a polar bear. If you came to visit now, you really wouldn’t see that much of a difference – there are sealions rather than dolphins and a few things have moved around, but it’s still a gorgeous open space and, whatever the weather, just lovely.

  5. I think I’ve fallen in love with those snoozing lions! Really gorgeous collection of photos. My digital camera is now firmly in my handbag too to snap away and I feel so much better when I can look back rather than have just memories alone x

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