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You’re Beautiful – Pictures Chosen by the Cheetah Keeper


The Cheetah Keeper was 5 yesterday.  Hence, You’re Beautiful didn’t go up on Wednesday as oddly enough I was a little busy making, errr, cake.  Oh, and wrapping a few presents and stuff like that.  Without the Cheetah Keeper there wouldn’t be a blog and there wouldn’t be You’re Beautiful – so I’ve let him choose a few of his pictures this week.

The obligatory zoo picture!  These are the Carribean (Rosy) Flamingoes at Whipsnade Zoo on Sunday.  Something spooked them (I have no idea what) and they all suddenly dashed and flapped their way across their lake.  And then stopped.  And just walked back again like nothing had happened.  The Cheetah Keeper loves the fact that they have black under their wings but you can’t see it normally (so he says).

As I’ve said before (I think), the Cheetah Keeper is in the Ladybird class at school.  He loves ladybirds – to the extent he’s made himself a ‘tally chart’ on a clipboard to keep a record of how many different sorts he sees and how many of each.  We’ve been fortunate to have a baby ladybird hatch on our Christmas tree and there are a load more eggs so it’s looking promising…  I took this picture with my little ‘handbag camera’ and may admit to being a bit chuffed as to how well it came out!

The moon.  Most people would have cropped this photo down, however, look very closely…. can you see the Cheetah Garage and the steps that go all the way up to it?  The Cheetahs now have so many cars that they have their own, on site garage, complete with a robot that makes sure that everything is working properly, they never run out of spare parts and that the right car is available at all time.  And it’s so big it goes all the way to the mooooooooooooon!

He found his birthday a little overwhelming – it’s been a busy week and there’s only so much you can take (I think he’d have quite liked a duvet day for his birthday).  He chose to wait until his dad got home to open his presents (so that was 5.30pm) and then set about the task with glee…

However, he tucked into the (requested) Cheetah Rock cake with glee.  A treacle toffee pineapple sponge with pineapple buttercream modelled on the rock that the Cheetahs at Whipsnade have.  (I’ll put the recipe up over on Bake Yummy)

Finally, a picture that I’ve chosen.  The Cheetah Keeper: my brave, stoic, bonkers, imagination driven, gorgeous, loving, tolerant and funny little dude. (who also drives me nuts, scares the life out of me and bemuses me on a regular basis…)

What have you found, read, created, photographed or stumbled upon this week that’s beautiful?  A positive thing that makes you think ‘wow’.  Come and link up (the linky’s open until next Tuesday evening) and share a bit of positivity – supporting the Black Dog Tribe along the way.

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11 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful – Pictures Chosen by the Cheetah Keeper

  1. What was inside the present that he’s unwrapping? Hope he had a wondeful day xx

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  3. Immense photos – I have pinned the lot! G is as cute as ever, the cake is freaking insanely GREAT and that ladybird picture is, quite frankly EPIC. This time next year you’d better be scooping up a photo blogging award or there is no justice in this world!

  4. Wow! That cake is amazing…he’s a lucky cheetah keeper!!

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