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The Gallery – Morning


What a delight it is to have Tara back to full fitness and a new Gallery to think about.  She’s set us the theme of ‘Morning’ this week.  I’m not a morning person really.  To be fair, I’m not a night owl either, maybe a 10.30am kind of girl – so by the time I’ve arrived in the office I’m kind of awake but still in need of a bucket of earl grey to kick start me into some form of *ahem* efficiency.

I am blessed however, when it’s not raining, murky, cloudy, foggy or otherwise, to have an amazing view over London from my office window.  We’re about 8 miles from the ‘centre’ of London – taking that as being about where the London Eye is – and we’re on the 12th floor so we have an amazing vista.  So, with a bit of zoom, here’s my ‘morning’ picture of The Shard under construction:


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27 thoughts on “The Gallery – Morning

  1. I like this photo; buildings on the skyline often work so well and it’s interesting to see how The Shard really does dominate. I love the subtle tones of sand and grey too. Nice photo!

  2. Great photo of a fantastic new addition to the London skyline x.

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  4. The shard is an interesting building isn’t it? I went to a conference in a building not far from it so had a really good view. Must have been interesting seeing it gradually appear above the tree line

  5. Wow that is a cool view, I like that!

  6. I must have been living under a rock because I’m not familiar with the Shard. Can see why it’s named as such though.

    Don’t think I’d like to work 12 floors up as I’m terrified of heights, but the views sound fabulous!

  7. That’s some view. Fantastic 🙂

  8. I’m a 10.30 am girl too: that’s coffee time for me.
    Love the colours in this shot – muted and creamy, a bit like my cappuccino 😉

  9. What a stunning Skyline photo. The colours are great aren’t they? Hmmm I have to confess I am going to have to google the shard building as I have no idea what that is!

  10. Wow what a lovely shot!

  11. I love how hazy it looks! Great shot.

  12. Great photo, very atmospheric with the morning haze.

  13. I love the different “layers” in your photo, and the gorgeous colours!

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