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Needing a Crystal Ball and the 10 Minute Hospital Admission


Between us we have rather a lot of appointments with members of the medical profession.  Not as many as some, but definitely more than most.  I tend to let out a small (silent) cheer when we don’t have an appointment in a whole week for any of us.

This last week has been no exception and it was my turn to have my wrist prodded and ultrasound scanned with what is classed as “+/- steroid injecton R wrist”.  That means, if the radiographer can see a problem, go right ahead and inject it rather than faff about telling the consultant what they’ve found and the consultant having to do it themselves…

Anyway, I had the pleasure of the company of the gorgeous Clara Vulliamy before my appointment and was in the process of sampling some rather delicious cake when my phone rang.  It was the Pediatrician from Northwick Park Hospital (bear in mind, dear reader, that I am in Euston, central London) asking where the Cheetah Keeper’s Sister and I were.   The answer being she was at school and I was heading for University College Hospital – why…? Because we were supposed to be at an appointment with him at the same time.

This is the point at which the crystal ball would have come in really handy.  You see, I reckon I’m pretty good at getting us all to the right hospitals at the right time – even to the point of arranging multiple appointments for multiple children on the same day, and, brace yourself, at the same hospital.

Now, to the uninitiated this sounds like plain old common sense.  Only when you try and pull off this miracle of organisation to you realise that unless you a)cry b)beg or c)get incredibly lucky it is virtually impossible to achieve.  Why make only one trip when you can make two, or three…?  That crystal ball (especially one that knows when the consultant is in situ) would be worth a whole load of money to tired, frazzled parents dragging tired, frazzled children across the country to go and sit in a waiting room for an unknown period of time, to come out with or without a) an answer b) the answer they were hoping/not hoping for or c) a ‘plan’.

So it transpires I was supposed to be at Northwick Park at the same time – however, in the absence of the crystal ball I didn’t know.  Why not?

Because of this:

which was waiting on my doorstep on my return from my appointment.  Yep, dated 8th May, posted 9th May for an appointment on the 10th May.  And they were wondering why I wasn’t there!  The 11th May saw the arrival of our “failure to attend” letter (how cross was I?!) and the rescheduling of this appointment to June (as discussed on the phone) – phrased as if they were doing me a favour.

So – taking a quick leap back to the Radiography team at UCH and my wrist.  It was decided to go ahead with the injection (without anesthetic) and I was admitted to hospital for a whole 10 minutes.  Yep, wrist band and everything.  For 10 minutes.  The follow up appointment was then discussed.  My follow up appointment had been booked for Thursday of this week (so 7 days after the ‘procedure’)  but it needs 6 weeks to see if it’s worked.  So I had to rebook that appointment too.  Guess what the only date they can do is?

The same one as Northwick Park.  So if anyone has a crystal ball they could lend me to help me do the school run, get to and from UCH in the morning, home to collect the Cheetah Keeper’s Sister and back to Northwick Park in Harrow, using public transport and the road network, meanwhile accommodating the Cheetah Keeper somewhere, I’d really appreciate it.

Define Normal BadgeI’m linking this up as part of the Define Normal blog hop that Renata runs over at Just Bring the Chocolate.

What I’m writing about is ‘normal’ to us (albeit frustratingly normal) and there are a load of other posts over there that make our lives look pretty uneventful too x

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4 thoughts on “Needing a Crystal Ball and the 10 Minute Hospital Admission

  1. Gah! That’s soooooooo annoying! They should at least bother picking up the phone if they are giving you a last minute appointment… and wasn’t that the one that you were waiting on tenterhooks for as well?

    I feel very frustrated on your behalf!

    (p.s. I’ve forwarded this blog post to PALS at Northwick Park)

  2. Annoying, to say the least! Pleased to see that PALS have received this info too. I wish more patients and their families would use PALS to bring problems to light, before a crisis occurs.

    Best wishes (and a new crystal ball)!
    Lesley x.

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