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Friday Photos


Once upon a time, in a city in Hertfordshire, the sun came out and shone on the blossom.  Then it rained again and most of the blossom got washed/blown away.  It was a good job that the Cheetah Keeper’s mummy had abandoned the Cheetah Keeper and his Sister (albeit briefly) to take some photos of it.

This is the first blossom our new apple tree has produced so it’s quite exciting!

I weaned both children on apples from the previous tree, I’d like to think that they’ll be able to enjoy apples from this one too

This gorgeous blossom comes (came!) across as a dark pink blur – it’s only when you look closely do you see the detail

And then as you look at the trunk, there’s just a bit of blossom sticking out the side…

This year I’ve realised if you look up through the tree the blossom looks even more lovely against the blue sky

The children love dandelions – there’s something lovely about them looking a bit like a lion’s mane and knowing that there will be a seed head that you can blow fairly soon afterwards! I also think that they live in hope that one day we’ll have a guinea pig we can feed the leaves to…

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

3 thoughts on “Friday Photos

  1. Lovely photos, my kids are loving the blossom all over the floor. They keep saying it is like a wedding but I am sad to see the trees getting so bare. Mich x

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