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You’re Beautiful – Clouds


This is my 19th You’re Beautiful and for the first week I’ve doubted myself.  Doubted that people want to read about positive, beautiful things, doubted that I had much to add.  Doubted that I was doing this for the right reasons.  So I asked that font of all knowledge, Twitter, whether I should do one this week – and 2 people said yes.  So even if you’re the only 2 people reading this (and you’ll know who you are), this is for you, with love, for replying.

I’ve been endeavouring to do a post called “a week in clouds” – the view from my bedroom window at approximately the same time each evening for a week.  I got all enthusiastic and then the rain set in and I am completely and utterly convinced that you don’t want to see more pictures of wall to wall grey – with added rain splatters for good measure.  So I’ve combined some of the photos that I’ve taken for today’s post – because, you see, I think clouds are pretty amazing photography material and they make you look at the world around you – looking up instead of at our feet.

So, what’s your contribution to You’re Beautiful this week?  Do you want me to keep doing them?  Let me know and link up if you can x

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and if you fancy a bit of cloud spotting yourself, here’s the fab guide from the Met Office…

Met Office guide to cloud types and pronunciations

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12 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful – Clouds

  1. I think the sentiment behind You’re Beautiful is what draws people in. It’s not all about the photography; it’s as much the story of the photograph.

    I’ve never thought about clouds as a photographic subject, but you clearly have a connection with the white fluffy stuff x.

  2. Clouds are actually very cool once I take my nose out my mobile and look up at the sky 🙂

    For what its worth I dont think you should stop it, people love looking at UB even if they dont always join in. I love that you blog about what you love so keep it that way, blog for yourself not for others. We all love you to bits!

  3. I love clouds, they are so expressive. I adore lying on a feild in summer and watchign them go by. Dismal here in WGC as well. Mich x

  4. I love clouds! Everyone should look up at the sky once in a while. Definitely keep doing your linky if it makes you happy 🙂

  5. I really enjoy your blog Jenny and truly wish I had time to visit more often – I get here as often as I can – as you know, I sometimes tweet, but not so often, so missed your query.

    This post is exceptional, I especially like the clouds illustration.

    Of course people want to read about positive, beautiful things, there’s enough of the other stuff out there! I am sorry to see that you’ve been doubting yourself – you’re maybe a tad low just now? Be assured that there are many people who enjoy what you do, you only have to go over the comments you receive to know that.

    Love to you and the family xxx

  6. Beautiful photos! you have given me an idea of Science Sparks. 🙂

  7. I think the theme is lovely! It always makes me smile! As for the cloud recognition pictures – thank you hugely – I have always wondered about those and now I know!

  8. Beautiful photos Jenny. I’m a bit late to the party but I’ve linked up 🙂

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