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Dirt is Good (every picture tells a story…)


Last year we abandoned one of our vegetable beds in favour of (?!) it becoming the Cheetah Keeper’s “Building Site”.  He spent hours building worm houses and access points for the Banana People to get under the house.  Obviously.

This year shows no sign of us getting our growing patch back and despite it being a tad chilly this weekend (do I win a prize for understatement or stating the bleedin’ obvious?) the Cheetah Keeper and his Sister have staunchly refused the offer of a warm(ish) house, preferring to hurtle around the garden doing “stuff”.  Most of it involving mud.

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I really don’t need to tag all these pictures and caption them – you know what’s happening.  And yes, it did go everywhere, and yes the sink is full of mud, and yes Vanish is an essential washing ingredient, and yes, they had a fantastic time!

Author: Jenny

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8 thoughts on “Dirt is Good (every picture tells a story…)

  1. The secret behind every kids’ gorgeous skin!

  2. Love it! Mud, glorious mud, only a child can get away with a carefree afternoon like that, thought I do think that lovely pink coat will never be quite the same again! I think it may be a while before anything grows in tehre, they are have far too much fun with their mud patch. Great photos, which as you sat need no explanation. Thank you for sharing them on Country Kids

    • It was a bargain coat anyway! Bearing in mind the temperature was about 7C she had taken some persuading to put anything on over her sleeveless top and crocs were definitely the most appropriate footwear! As for growing stuff – we’ve got no hope! x

  3. Oh, I’m at my happiest with a bit of mud under my nails. Shows you’re keeping it real.
    Have fun!
    Lesley x.

  4. i’ve got a to year old and i’m quickly learning not to shriek in horror at the states he gets into in the garden! and long may it continue 🙂

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