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Justin Bieber – You’re Beautiful


*Cues loads of screaming girlies*

Last week I wrote about some pretty amazing bloggers, making a pretty amazing difference to the Blog it for Babies logocampaign.

And you know what?  We did it.  With the help of some gorgeous bloggers, their children, their friends and a whole load of cake, we supported the completely and utterly bonkers Mammasaurus in her tour around the UK raising awareness of the #BuilditforBabies campaign and a whole load of cash to help build health centres in Bangladesh.  The Cheetah Keeper’s Sister made this to explain:

So, we had cake:

Lots and lots of cake.

The recipe for these morsels of loveliness will be available in a Bake It For Babies book very soon!

And some really awesome other bloggers brought some other yummy cakes too – so thank you all very much!

The Cheetah Keeper’s sister loved wearing the Save the Children T-shirt as she thinks helping people have access to healthcare is important.

She also needed to test the cake because there was some serious preparation needed, ready for the arrival of our celebrity guest…


Justin Bieber

Who even wore a badge saying his name was Annie and he’d do anything for money

His choreographer got everyone busting some groovy moves!  If you want to see the video go and have a look at Actually Mummy’s account of the day and you can also see the list of amazing people who’ve given their time, talents and worldly goods to make this happen.

And then…

Are you ready for this….?


Are you sure…?

Justin Bieber peeled his face off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To absolutely everyone who organised, baked, supplied, supported, listened, danced, sang, photographed, videoed, tweeted, facebooked and has blogged about it…

and thank you so much.

And if you’d like to link up with something, someone, a picture, words or anything else wow-worthy, please do so using the magic linky below:

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Author: Jenny

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11 thoughts on “Justin Bieber – You’re Beautiful

  1. Brilliant! And the note is just lovely 🙂 What a great day it was…

  2. How frightening Justin peeling his face off!

    Well done you’ve all done such an amazing job.

  3. I was thinking – ‘What a coup!’ Not Justin Bieber – Annie Spratt! amazing. Well done XXX

  4. I think Justin looks so much better since his face peel! You really had me going there for a minute, by brain just couldn’t compute!! Big kudos on a brilliant achievement. Here’s to the book going inter-stellar – let’s re-group on Monday to discuss! Pam from BrightStar has been to see STC PR to discuss plans from a PR perspective!

  5. I would really like to know where you got the build it for babies wafer things from!? 😀 Looks like your doing a great job!

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