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Eyes – See it, Snap it, Love it


Dear Beautiful Boy has set this lovely challenge and the theme this week is eyes.  I’m going to go a little out of the box again as I’m sure that these butterfly markings are called ‘eyes’ and are used to help camouflage these beauties by confusing hungry prey.

I took this photo in the Butterfly exhibit at ZSL London Zoo.  I’ve always struggled to take good pictures of the butterflies there – the temperature difference to outside inevitably makes the lens steam up (and my glasses) and butterflies are not known for their ability to stay still for that perfect shot!  I understand why their feeding stations are so bright but wish they were a little less plastic looking!!  You can just see the proboscis curling back in and how the legs are jointed – I reckon that’s pretty cool.

Author: Jenny

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22 thoughts on “Eyes – See it, Snap it, Love it

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  2. Ooo lots of eyes – like a buggling fly!

  3. Oooh love this shot, so imaginative! I thought i was thinking out of the box with mine but yours is much more creative! Love it xx

  4. ohh that is a great shot! Very fitting for the eyes catergory

  5. Fab picture. You are a braver woman than me though, there is no way I’d be standing still enough anywhere near a butterfly to get a picture. They seriously freak me out, random I know.
    Loving your ‘out the box’ take again. Thanks for linking up. X

  6. Fab photo! Great way to think of eyes too! I went for the obvious. Couldn’t think of anything else. x

  7. Wow, that’s a great shot. Mesmerising looking at all those patterns on the butterfly.

  8. Fabulous shot – butterflies are so hard to take photos of and I love your out of the box thinking 🙂

  9. Lots of eyes lookin’ at ya! Interesting butterfly!

  10. Beautiful. I love butteflies. Think I will have a go at joining in next week….I believe the theme is Water – we’ve certainly had plenty of it this week in Berkshire!!

  11. What a shot! – but I’m with Dear Beautiful – I wouldn’t go near them for love nor money!

    • thank you! The other advantage of the butterfly enclosure at London Zoo is that it’s always warm – even in the winter! We’ve also seen butterflies emerging from their chrysalis – which is just amazing x

  12. Beautiful photo and a very original use of the theme eyes x

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