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The Lunch Date


Last week I went on a date.  A lunch date to be precise.  My date – well, he’s known for his sense of humour, doesn’t drive and is a bit short – but really does love holding my hand.  He’s a bit of a cheap date as he doesn’t eat that much, doesn’t drink and isn’t allowed to stay up very late.  The conversation tends to be focussed around Cheetahs and can get a bit random – he also has a tendency to try and charm the waiting staff…

However, he’s very happy with some obnoxiously coloured ice based drink and keeping an eye on proceedings – including making loud comments about the portion sizes of some of the meals coming out of the kitchen.

I do get to spend a fair amount of 1:1 time with the Cheetah Keeper (yes, that’s who I’m talking about) but it is so rare that we spend time together doing ‘cool’ stuff that going out for a bit of lunch becomes a huge and wonderful adventure.  Our ‘normal’ time together is spent going to hospital appointments and as much as going on the train to London or driving in so far and getting a taxi can be made ‘fun’ (whilst we desperately try to avoid the conversations about how many needles they’ll be sticking in him this time) it’s just not the same.

At weekends it tends to be that we’ll man to man mark – however it’s often the case that I will be the one staying at home with whichever child is unable to/too unwell/too fatigued to do stuff.  Alternatively I’ll take the Cheetah Keeper and his sister out to give their father a bit of bloke time.

The Cheetah Keeper’s sister loves coming into town with me (on the bus, it costs more than driving & parking, but hey) on a Saturday – but that’s usually to collect prescriptions.  We don’t ‘do’ mooching around the shops together – we don’t necessarily have the disposable income to indulge as she’d like and actually, after an hour or so, she’d rather be back with her brother. (long may it last). Mooching around doesn’t have a routine and is sometimes a bit random for her to process to a level where she’s enjoying herself.  The routine that she’d like to be in (involving a trip to the milkshake bar, the purchase of yet more Hello Kitty merchandise, lunch at Wagamama and then perhaps the purchase of something else pretty/crafty) is not going to happen!

But this time, the Cheetah Keeper and I got our lunch date as his sister was at a party.  I’m not sure who loved it more (maybe it was just the pudding) – although my enjoyment kept having twinges of ‘I wish we did this more’ and he did keep flirting with the waitress…

The thing is with dates, sometimes they start well, you have a lovely time and then something happens and you wonder whether it was a good idea in the first place…

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6 thoughts on “The Lunch Date

  1. Aaaaaahhhhh, what a lovely post. Yes, I find myself ruining beautiful mummy-kiddy moments beating myself up for not doing it more often. He’s a most handsome, and eccentric lunch date. A lady would have to very try hard to do better!

  2. That’s a lovely post and my eldest favourite thing is to go out for lunch! Trouble is we always take the youngest and it never transpires how it was in your head! Glad you enjoyed your date tho! X

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