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You’re Beautiful – Pizza Time


I had the children to myself on Sunday (their father had had that honour the day before whilst I was at #blogup2012) with no car.  The Cheetah Keeper’s sister was determined that she wanted to go swimming – she was also so tired she was walking into walls and barely upright.  The Cheetah Keeper wasn’t 2 weeks post op (and had had nosebleeds on Friday and Saturday) so he wasn’t going anywhere close to the pool and I’d just finished my antibiotics so the prospect of stripping off to just my cossie was not filling me with parenting enthusiasm.

So we compromised, and took Easter Eggs to our next door neighbours who are, we reckon, the best neighbours you could ever wish for.  We celebrate their festivals with them, they celebrate ours with us.  Generally food is involved – it’s good (they’re fantastic cooks!).

Both the Cheetah Keeper and his Sister think that eating ‘next door’ is far, far better than eating at home – and were offered the chance to make pizza.  Nom.  No questioning that one – so we raided our fridge, their fridge and the corner shop, bread dough was made (they have a bread maker *sigh*) and we had a top morning together.

You’re Beautiful is about recognising the little things in life that are actually pretty stunning and as much as I adore my children engrossed in happy cooking these are my favourite pictures from that morning:

What are known as "traffic light" peppers in our house - shiny, juicy, fresh and crisp

and ultimately

Cherry Tomatoes - just cut up, juicy, in the sunlight...

So those are my beautiful things for the week – what have you seen, written, photographed, experienced, baked, read or spotted that’s made you think ‘wow’?  Just a tiny bit of positivity, grooviness or otherwise to share with everyone else

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Author: Jenny

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5 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful – Pizza Time

  1. Alice is looking tres beautiful with her glasses. Very chic and grown up! xx

  2. I’m in! My beautiful post done and linked up. Would be great to see a few more this week.

    Yum yum homemade pizza!

    Lesley x.

  3. It’s the simple things that are beautiful x Super photos my dear!

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