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Saturday Is Caption Day! – The Bake Yummy Assistant One


Mammasaurus and I are creating a new blog called Bake Yummy which clearly called for the creation of a new cake using up some Lindor eggs – and an assistant…

You know the drill…what would your caption be?

Now mooch over to Mammasaurus blog and see what else needs your captioning skills this week

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

28 thoughts on “Saturday Is Caption Day! – The Bake Yummy Assistant One

  1. I whisk mum would leave me more cake mixture, she eats most of it herself!

  2. Just whisking what I ate from the bowl up

  3. Is that all Mum left for me – tuh!

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  5. I really like this new website mummy, it’s much tastier than the old one.

  6. A little bit wider and I’ll get the whole thing in!

  7. If I open my mouth a little wider will I be able to get the whole whisk in at once?

  8. Mmmm who said baking was a chore?

  9. Licking this is going to take ages!

  10. If only these things were much bigger! argh!

  11. Saves on the washing up.

  12. Well it is the best bit!!

  13. I think I’m being whisked off to chocolate heaven!

  14. The best bit about baking a cake is licking the bowl. Oh wait! Where’s the bowl? MUM!!!!

  15. Actually Mummys leg hair pate was not as well received as she would have liked it to be…

  16. What, me? No, I’ve no idea who ate all the cake mix… *bats eyelashes*

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