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You’re Beautiful – Being Spontaneous


Firstly I apologise in huge quantities to the lovely Kate and equally lovely Lesley for not tweeting out their #yourebeautiful contributions more last week.  With the Cheetah Keeper recovering from his op and me taking to my bed ill (which is a very, very rare occurrence) You’re Beautiful suffered.  So please click on their names to see what they contributed because, believe me, they’re beautiful.

On to this week.  To be honest, the Cheetah Keeper was heading towards being listed on ebay this morning.  His short fuse and general desire to test every boundary possible (having been indulged a tad whilst in Great Ormond Street) has not made him the most endearing of children.  This morning he was all elbows and strops, so, as you do (?!) I texted Mammasaurus to see what she was doing for lunch.  Bearing in mind we live 100 miles away and this was seriously last minute I was expecting them to have an Easter holiday social schedule that would leave us green with envy.  But no – so we threw some stuff in a bag, jumped in the car and went for a picnic.  So, Annie, Queen Scamp and Ozzie (and Papasaurus who makes a stonkingly good cup of tea) You’re Beautiful.

So that’s my beautiful contribution for the week – spontaneity, hospitality, friendship, scenery and happy children.  We also met with Steph from I’m Counting UFOs and her lovely two as well – all in all our ‘wow’ highlight of the holidays.   What’s your moment of beautiful and/or positivity been this week?

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Author: Jenny

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7 thoughts on “You’re Beautiful – Being Spontaneous

  1. Gorgeous, as always! The wooden posts is my fave!

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  3. What a great day out! I remember spontaneity 🙂
    Lesley x.

  4. Having spent the day with you guys I can you confirm that YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL !

  5. Can’t beat the beach for some freedom for the kids and fresh air for you. Some lovely photos and even better when you get to catch up with friends too. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos on Country Kids

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