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The Gallery – Easter


This week’s theme on The Gallery is Easter.   We’ve had a pretty low-key Easter this year – the Cheetah Keeper’s father did a brilliant egg hunt, my sister cooked the most awesome lunch (which considering I hadn’t been able to eat for a week with this ***** throat infection was even more awesome) and well, we kind of chilled.  As much as you can chill with 2 children.  Here’s our Gallery for Easter 2012

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Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

22 thoughts on “The Gallery – Easter

  1. Sounds like a very good Easter!

  2. love the Bluebells – they are my fave.

  3. Wow and Easter crispie mountain! The bluebells are stunning. Can I ask did you use a plugin to do that photography display?

  4. Wow yea you did get a lot of eggs didn’t you?! Cakes look yummy too! I don’t bake at Easter simply due to the ridiculous amounts of chocolate we get! Lovely pics

  5. Ive not seen any bluebells yet, they must be late up here.

  6. Lovely buns and hilarious Easter egg stack!

  7. What a super Easter gallery! x

  8. Love your slideshow and want to find some local bluebells now 😉

  9. Lovely slideshow..what a lot of Easter eggs!

  10. Oh my! Lots of Easter eggs there!! Looks like you had a lovely Easter though. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  11. That egg tower is amazing! I think it might be my favourite, although I am swayed by the bluebells. Glad I’m not the only cruel Mummy that confiscated eggs (one from each child) for ridiculously bad behaviour!

  12. Gorgeous slide show! The choc egg cupcakes look yummy and I love seeing bluebells, so pretty and petit xx

  13. Great photos! Sounds like a lovely easter to me, hope you are better soon x

  14. the photos are amazing looks like you had a lovely easter.. wow at all those eggs!!

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