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The Cheetah Keeper Speaks


The Cheetah Keeper has never let me film him speaking about the Cheetahs…until today!  He was very sad yesterday (even squeezing out some real tears) that all his imaginary friends had gone on holiday and left him at home.  They had, to be fair, worked incredibly hard during our stay in Great Ormond Street (I bet it’s the first time they’ve ever had Cheetahs in the anaesthetic room) but I’m not sure they should have deserted him when his nose is still a bit bloody and his fuse is ridiculously short – then again…

They came back today – and he’s been making something for them…

Author: Jenny

Life, photos and recipes mixed with family life, additional medical needs and a whole load of imaginary friends

9 thoughts on “The Cheetah Keeper Speaks

  1. Oh bless him! I want to go off and away in a 3 door caravan myself!!!!

  2. That is so lovely! It made me well up a bit! He is so gorgeous and that will be so lovely to look back on when he’s older x

  3. Swimming cheetahs, whatever next? 🙂 Sounds like he’s making a fine recovery, and the cheetahs have had a super holiday.

    Lesley x.

  4. Sending blankets, duvets and ‘cheetah teddies’ to Giles – fab video – what a little star. Hope he’s feeling lots better now. xx

  5. Cheetah hugs from us to you. xox

  6. Aww isnt he a smasher! He has such an amazing inagination i think he could write stories when he is older. The holiday with the three door caravan sounds brilliant jam packed with 205 cheetahs!! Xx

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